1. The school has been offering postgraduate diploma in project planning and management and masters in       project planning and management therefore the PhD will provide a continuation to the graduate of the           above mentioned courses.
2. So far the school has graduated three cohorts at the masters’ level many of whom are demanding for          the PhD programme.
3. This will also provide positive growth to the school in line with the University mission of being a leading         centre of learning, scholarship, and professional development, extending frontiers of knowledge through       research and creative works
4. The school has gradually expanded in terms of capacity. Currently the school has 15 Lecturers with PhD      who are actively involved in the implementation of the schools programmes.

he Doctoral studies provide an opportunity for candidates with an outstanding academic background to engage in an advanced study in a specialized field of research. Candidates are expected to have intellectual curiosity, self- discipline and a high level of motivation to be able to carry out research in their various areas of specialization and make a significant contribution to knowledge.
The programme provides for a wide variety of specialization in project management. To prepare Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidates for advanced research and writing skills in their chosen area of specialization, candidates shall be required to take supporting coursework comprising seven course units lasting at least three semesters.
The Ph.D programme seeks to orient candidates to the informed and critical application of knowledge to problems and issues concerning project planning and management as a discipline and profession. The

Doctoral programme is intended to enhance individual’s capacity and skills for positions involving teaching, and research, in local and international institutions.

a. To enhance skills in the various areas of specialization in project management;

b. To provide an opportunity to the candidate to carry out and present scholarly work;
c. Carry out research in the chosen area of study and submit a Ph.D thesis
d.To encourage application of creativity and critical thinking toward problem solving.
e.To inculcate desirable values for responsible citizenship and good corporate management

1ST YEAR (Course Work)

1st Sem   132,500

2nd Sem  114,000

3rd Sem  114,000

TOTAL    360,500

2ND YEAR (Research Project)

1st Sem   100,000

Ksh 100,000 to be paid for the adittional subsequent years